Publish with Balboa Press

Publish with Balboa Press

We are all interconnected in this very planet we inhabit, and even the tiniest accomplishments matter. We want to earn the privilege of helping you focus your will and achieve your spiritual goals.

Grow Together with Hay House

At Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, we honour timeless knowledge that most have either forgotten or learned to ignore. Our self-publishing company specialises in self-help books with a positive message, and we offer a full suite of publishing, design, and marketing services.

Hay House, one of the leading self-help and New Thought publishers in the world, explores Balboa Press offerings in the hope of finding new, inspiring voices to add to their family of authors.

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The Universe is vast, and we need as many healing information sources as possible. We are committed to empowering more writers to publish books that will help others and our planet Earth.

Balboa Press authors publish books on a wide range of topics, concentrating on self-help and transformational themes, including: astrology, alternative health, nutrition, parenting, psychology, sociology, meditation, spirituality, numerology, feng shui, social commentary, memoirs, and more.

Why the Name, Balboa Press?

Our name was inspired by Balboa Park in San Diego, California, a true source of joy for Hay House founder Louise Hay, as well as all those who visit it.

The Balboa name reminds us to continue to look for new and marvelous discoveries in the world around us and within ourselves. Our publishing company is committed to doing just that – helping those who wander find their own paths, create something new, and share their teachings.

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