15 Inspirational Writing Quotes to Awaken the Author Within

15 Inspirational Writing Quotes to Awaken the Author Within  

With writing there are struggles. And sometimes it's easy to get lost in the struggles, whether you can't find the time, have a bad case of writer's block or are simply unsure how to start writing. It's important for an author to push through these occasional road blocks and reach their ultimate goal.

There are many remedies for authors during the hard times of writing. Some authors add writing into their daily schedule or read a new book for inspiration. It's about finding what helps you to successfully continue on your writing path.

While searching for your remedy, remember motivation is key. Here are a few friendly affirmations from fellow Balboa Press authors:

"If I awaken just one person..." - Nicola Gibbs

By writing and publishing your book, you have the potential to touch many readers. The possibilities are endless of how your story can positively affect others, whether it's an entire town or just one person. It's through stories that we connect to others. So keep writing, you never know how your message could change someone's life.

"My voice is valuable. My story need not be significant to have significance." - Robyn

An author's voice is unique and no one will tell your story like you will. Don't lose your voice. Stand out by having your own style. And your book doesn't have to have an outrageous plot to be important. Simple can be good. Stick to who you are as a writer and your message will always hold significance.

"I AM a writer." - Michelle A. Schmid

Be proud of your work. Your writing may change someone else's life, but it could also change yours. There is power and freedom that comes from writing your story down and sharing it with the world. Remember the reason you decided to write, and let writing be a part of you. Embrace it!

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