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In these educational and inspiring videos, leading authors and publishing professionals share their knowledge and experience with you. Watch, learn and grow as an author.


Donna Schwenk - Balboa Press author picked up by Hay House

Donna Schwenk 

Balboa Press Author Picked Up by Hay House

Food for Thought

Find out why Donna Schwenk decided to begin her publishing journey with Balboa Press and discover how she eventually became a Hay House author ... Watch Video »


Gerry Gavin - Balboa Press author picked up by Hay House

Gerry Gavin

Balboa Press Author Picked Up by Hay House

Sharing 'Messages from Margaret'

Learn how Gerry Gavin, a first-time author, gained credibility through marketing his book and received recognition from Hay House ... Watch Video »


Nancy Levin

Nancy Levin

Hay House Event Director; Balboa Press Author

Writing for Her Life

Nancy Levin discusses how she came to realise that her words could resonate with others and offers encouragement for those who want to share their voice with the world ... Watch Video »

Tips for Poets: Context & Vulnerability

In this video, Nancy Levin offers insights on how to connect with others through poetry by providing context and exploring your own vulnerability ... Watch Video »


Leon Nacson  

Leon Nacson

Managing Director of Hay House Australia

New Publishing Frontiers: Hay House & Balboa Press 

Leon Nacson discusses self publishing as an important and exciting innovation ... Watch Video »

What Publishers Want: Originality and a Fresh Perspective

Leon Nacson encourages you to be bold and creative in your writing ... Watch Video »

Publishing Advice: Keep It 'Light, Tight, and Bright'

Leon Nacson shares his thoughts on creating work that is attention grabbing and memorable ... Watch Video »


 Louise Hay

Louise Hay

Best-Selling Author; Founder of Hay House 

Louise Hay Tells Her Self-Publishing Story

Louise Hay shares her own experiences and journey with self publishing.

Watch Video »