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As a reader, you know that a book with errors is an immediate turnoff. In fact, if the errors are significant, you may be tempted to put the book down and walk away. As an author, you do not want people to put down your book. Make sure it is professionally corrected through our Editorial Services. Get an outside perspective on your book from one of our experienced editors, who are among the best in the industry. Our editors follow the most current edition of the Chicago Manual of Style, so you know your book is in good editorial hands. No matter the level of attention your book needs to clean it up, we can provide exactly what you need.


The Balboa Press Core Editorial service gives your book a thorough review of such basics as grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalisation and sentence structure. When your book is returned, you can expect a clean, professionally edited text that is ready to be read by a wide audience of readers.


If your book needs more work than what the basic Core Editorial service provides, call in our Advanced Editorial service team. This service is especially important with nonfiction books because it ensures that readers will glean the message you are trying to communicate.