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Author Testimonials

Balboa Press has published books for nearly 2,000 authors.With Balboa Press,writers havethe freedom to self-publishtheir books in order to help others as well as achievetheir own aspirations. Hear what inspired a few of these authors to write their books and embark on their publishing journeys in the following videos.

KATIE LAW GOODWIN, First Kill All the Lawyers

Katie Law Goodwin explains the inspiration for her book,First Kill All the Lawyers. Goodwin talks about the ugly event of divorce, why you should represent yourself instead of hiring a lawyer and the power of positive thinking. Goodwin also tells how Balboa Press helped her to perfect her book.

RICH OKUN, The Sun, the Moon, the Stars and Maya

Rich Okun, author of the beautifully illustrated bookThe Sun, the Moon, the Stars and Maya, talks about the inspiration for the book, his publishing experience with Balboa Press, the opportunity to sign a deal with Bellissima Publishing and what's in store for the future.

NANCY LEVIN, Jump...and Your Life Will Appear

Nancy Levin discusses her positive experience self-publishing with Balboa Press. Levin wrote her bookJump...And Your Life Will Appearto give readers the courage and faith to jump across the thresholdof where they are — to where they want to be.

JOHN DOWD, JR., Heroes, Mentors, and Friends

At 50 years old,John Dowd Jr. received a gift - he was let go from his job.At a crossroad, he had to decide whether to go on and produce another radio show or write his book.Heroes, Mentors, and Friendsis part spiritual and part memoirthat recounts Dowd'sradio career. Dowd shares his thoughts about how Balboa Press makes publishing attainable for anyone.

KIMBERLY ROONEY, Spiritual Two-By-Fours and Other Wake-Up Calls

Kimberly Rooney shares how she decided to look at her debilitating arthritis as a friend, not a foe, in her life and helps readers take charge of their own personal challenges in her new book,Spiritual Two-By-Fours and Other Wake-Up Calls. Rooney also discusses her positive publishing experience with Balboa Press and realising her dream of becoming a published author.


Shannon Kaiser discusses her motivation for writing her new book,Find Your Happy. Kaiser was bullied as a child and turned to writing as a sanctuary. After growing up and finding a corporate job, she sunk into a deep depression and again returned to writing for healing. Publishing with Balboa Press allowed Kaiser to get her message out quickly to those who needed it most.