Balboa Press | Author Videos: Fulfill a Dream - Donna Schwenk

Donna Schwenk

“I am so thankful and so appreciative that I can share with others what has meant so much to me.”

Donna Schwenk talks about her incredible journey publishing her book, Cultured Food Life, and having it acquired by Hay House. Schwenk talks about the inspiration behind her book and the results of following her bliss.

Video Transcript

An Interview with Donna Schwenk

Your body and your mind are working together all the time. Sometimes people think that their body has betrayed them with sickness and disease. I did – I thought that – but it was really trying to guide me to show me that the things that I was doing with my lifestyle were wrong. When I got in sync with the fact that I could work with my body, I started to realize that we were a team; this body that houses my soul was here to help me, support me. When I gave it foods it loved I shined. I think it’s one of the most important things people realize is that you, together with what you eat and what you do, you’re a team.

Finding a Publisher

I noticed something online, that Hay House had a new self-publishing company, and I loved Hay House. It had a lot of authors that I’d read a lot of their books, listened to a lot of their audios and it had a really big impact on my life. I was thrilled they had a self-publishing company. One of the wonderful things about self-publishing, especially with Balboa Press, is that every step along the way there was somebody specialized to help you. In the beginning I had Joan who was my publishing consultant; I had Brandon who was my marketing guy; I had people working on the manuscript. It was so wonderful because when you don’t know what you’re doing, you have people that you publish with at Balboa that are professionals and are good at what they do. I would highly recommend that because of the care and attention to detail that you get with publishing with Balboa. It was a really great experience for me.

From Balboa Press to Hay House

Hay House discovering my book – well I didn’t even really know what happened until after they picked me up. Brandon had called me one day to talk to me about helping me with marketing and he said, “Donna, I really think that this would be a good idea for you to put your book in the book signing at the I Can Do It! Conference. And I decided to do it. I walked into the I Can Do It! Conference to do my book signing, and I felt like the world stood still. I saw my book sitting there in the front of the store, and people lined up to get my book, and I felt like I had come home. It was such a wonderful feeling.

I heard the speakers, I sat in the back, and I just, I felt such a belonging there that I couldn’t get away from it. What I didn’t know was happening at the book signing was, that first day, Hay House told me later after they signed me, that my book had sold out the first day and it was the most expensive book there. That was one of the reasons they noticed me. It was like a week after I signed the contract that I got a letter, and it said at the bottom of the letter, “Welcome to the Hay House family.” I cried all day - it was a really special day because not every day do your dreams come true.

Follow Your Bliss

I just did what was set before me to do because I really had a crisis in my life before I started my site and writing my book. I was looking for a way to focus on something that made me feel better and helping other people made me feel better. So I just started following that, I started doing the things that made me feel good and when it helped other people it helped me. I just followed my bliss, that’s what I did and it all came together for me. I am so thankful and so appreciative that I can share with others what has meant so much to me.