Balboa Press | Author Videos: Fulfill a Dream

Fulfill a Dream

See what authors have to say about Balboa Press’ hand in helping them fulfill their dreams of publishing.


Watch John Norseman's Video Interview

John Norseman

John Norseman, author of Journey of a Shaman articulates his experience of trying to get his book published in the UK and deciding to self-publish with Balboa Press, a division of Hay House. He was highly satisfied with his publishing experience and shares his gratification for being able to share his message.

Watch Sandra L. Cole's Video Interview

Sandra L. Cole

Author Sandra L. Cole tells about her frustration with finding a traditional publisher for her book Perfectly Natalie and how that led to realizing her dream of publication through self-publishing with Balboa Press.

Watch Katie Law Goodwin's Video Interview

Katie Law Goodwin

Katie Law Goodwin’s greatest wish was to write a book. She shares her experience publishing First Kill All the Lawyers with Balboa Press and realizing her dream of publishing.

Watch Shannon Kaiser's Video Interview

Shannon Kaiser

Shannon Kaiser turned to writing to find solace from childhood bullying. She returned to her love of writing as an adult and fulfilled her dream of becoming a professional writer by publishing Find Your Happy.

Watch Donna Schwenk's Video Interview

Donna Schwenk

Donna Schwenk discovered the power of cultured food on her health and used her realizations to share recipes in a cookbook titled Cultured Food Life. Donna is now sharing her story and recipes with the world as a Hay House author.

Watch Elizabeth Marie's Video Interview

Elizabeth Marie

Author Elizabeth Marie explains why she chose to self-publish An Eagle Soars with Balboa Press and talks about her positive self-publishing experience. As an illustrator and artist, she had specific ideas for her images, which the Balboa Press team worked with to get her final product exactly as she desired.