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Mary Dyer

 Author, The Final Act of Grace: Mastering a Peaceful Death

“The end result was opening up the box, the boxes arrived that day, and opening it up and going “Wow.” it was actually really moving.”

Author Mary Dyer shares the story behind her book The Final Act of Grace: Mastering a Peaceful Death, explaining how her husband's death changed the way she looked at dying.

Video Transcript

Mary Dyer Discusses for The Final Act of Grace: Mastering a Peaceful Death

Mary Dyer: "My husband died of cancer. He was 50 but he only had two days from when he knew that he was terminal and he died what I would call a conscious death, as in he kept on talking to us he decided he would let go. We've been meditators all our life and he kept on talking to us throughout the whole process about what was happening and we watched a soul become enlightened over the course of that two days and it was the most magical, beautiful, stunning process that I have ever witnessed."

I was a palliative care nurse in my past. I have seen a lot of people die. I have never ever seen someone die like this.


Choosing her Publishing House

I always wanted to go with Hay House. Louise Hays’ work has been really important in my life, especially as a nurse, and the decision to self-publish, it was like “I want to have this as soon as possible. I'm finished now. I wanted done and I wanted done by 21st of July, which is the anniversary of when my late husband and I met. The only choice was your publishing company. I did look at other self-publishing houses, but after ringing people and talking to people, the only choice was your publishing company.


Writing Your Book

Just do it. Just start, and even if it's just five minutes a day every single day. And it doesn't matter if it's not good. There are lots and lots and lots of people to help you, and if you are aligned with this particular publishing company, then you will get support. Link in and read everything that they have got to offer. Look at the podcast, look at the website and take action.

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