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Anna Huckabee Tull

Author, Living the Deeper YES | Recalling Her Publishing Experience

“I think there is a certain group of people out there that when they hear little bits of this message, they perk up.”

Author Anna Huckabee Tull shares the genesis for her debut book, Living the Deeper YES, explaining what a “deeper YES” is and why she felt she needed to share that message with others through publishing.

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Anna Huckabee Tull Shares the Genesis for Living the Deeper YES

Anna Huckabee Tull: “Deep within ourselves is a way of looking at the world that is flowing and beautiful and strong and oriented toward good fortune and good luck and connection, and that many of us make decisions on a superficial level, more quickly, more reactive.

And this is a book about what it means to develop a more meaningful relationship with that deeper place within you that can help you navigate in a much more meaningful way. So, a ‘deeper yes’ feels like a deep, inner endorsement on all the layers of your being as opposed to, ‘Quick, let's do this, that seems right, that looks good.’”

I’ve never heard a book talk about the idea that the most powerful things can happen when you allow the most wounded parts of yourself to get into direct dialogue with that place within you that is so wise and loving and healing. And in my experience, when you teach people how to invite incredibly beautiful dialogues between these two voices within yourself, astonishing coincidences and flow and connections can begin to happen in your life. And I love that I wrote a book that I think is saying something that has not been said before.

Publishing to Share Her Message

This book has been in me for 20 years. I couldn’t not write this book, believe me, I actually tried not writing this book lots of times. And I think this is true for a lot of people. There is a message inside of me that needed to get born and I wasn't going to be able to relax until I shepherded it through, and now I have and it feels great.

I want that message to go every place it’s capable of going, because I think there are a certain group of people out there that when they hear little bits of this message, they perk up. Sort of like the idea that there’s a more flowing and loving and connective way, not just of being with other people but of being with yourself. I’m looking for those people. I want to help reinforce their belief and clarify it and give them some exercises and ideas and stories that will assist.”

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“On the essence level of reality, I would say, I was just so moved.”

Author Anna Huckabee Tull recalls all of the pleasant surprises she experienced when publishing Living the Deeper YES with Balboa Press. She also recalls the moment she held her book for the very first time.

Video Transcript

Pleasantly Surprised by Balboa Press: Anna Huckabee Tull Recalls Her Publishing Experience

Self-Publishing with Balboa Press

Anna Huckabee Tull: “The experience both was what I thought it would be and there were surprises along the way having never published before. Every single thing was new.

One of the big surprises was, I guess with Balboa in particular, is that every day another box would arrive and it would have.. ‘Oh here's little bookmarks for your book,’ or, ‘Here's a poster you can use,’ or, ‘Here are..’ you know, just all kinds of things that I wouldn't have even thought of, so there were positive surprises like that.

I was really pleasantly surprised by how pretty much anything I asked for, any question I had, any angle I wanted to try, the folks at Balboa were just amazing. There were several times where I said, ‘Can an exception be made for this?’ or, ‘Could we try this a little bit differently?’ and the answer was always, ‘Let's brainstorm, let's be creative, let's figure out how we can work together and get you what you need.’

Holding Her Book for the First Time

It’s kind of funny, the very first thing was these books arrived and I was the only one home. And my husband and my sons were up paintballing in New Hampshire and I was supposed to meet them, so I had nobody to get excited with.

And I brought this thing in the car, and it was really funny because they were so dirty and messy and I was like, ‘Here's my book!’ and they wanted to touch it and I was like, ‘Wait!’ I was a little worried about it getting all grubby, but they were sweet, we had a very sweet little, like, in the middle of a dirty parking lot, a little tiny party.

Well, let’s see. In the tangible reality, it looked exactly like I thought it would, because I had seen all of the proofs and everything along the way, but it was just so beautiful. It was just really beautiful. I was like, ‘Oh! There you are!’ On the essence level of reality, I would say, I was just so moved.”

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