Balboa Press | Author Videos: Empower Others

Empower Others

See what authors have to say about Balboa Press’ hand in helping them empower others.


Watch Mary Dyer's Video Interview

Mary Dyer

Author Mary Dyer shares the story behind her book The Final Act of Grace: Mastering a Peaceful Death.

Watch Anna Huckabee Tull's Video Interview

Anna Huckabee Tull

Author Anna Huckabee Tull talks about the origins of the inspiring message that she shares in her book, Living the Deeper YES.

Watch Lisa Angelo's Video Interview

Lisa Angelo

Author Lisa Angelo talks about the inspiration behind her book Awakening to Love and why she chose to self-publish it, as well as her other book Moonlight & Roses, with Balboa Press.

Watch Beth Tiger's Video Interview

Beth Tiger

Balboa Press author Beth Tiger talks about how she wanted to provide spiritual guidance to help others heal after divorce, which led her to self-publish her book Rising from the Ashes of Divorce.

Watch P.J. Jackson's Video Interview

P.J. Jackson

Balboa Press author P.J. Jackson talks about how her husband’s journey with leukemia inspired her book Adventure, Day One.

Watch Marguerite Vardman's Video Interview

Marguerite Vardman

Marguerite Vardman used the principles she learned while working in medicine and her degree as an interfaith hospital chaplain to create a step-by-step approach to help readers heal their hearts after the deaths of loved ones in her book Message from Daddy.

Watch Karen Offord's Video Interview

Karen Offord

Karen Offord collected information over a period of several years and decided to take the publishing leap with Balboa Press. She's using her book, Dare to Dream, to help others realize their brilliance.

Watch Kimberly Rooney's Video Interview

Kimberly Rooney

Kimberly Rooney shares her struggles with rheumatoid arthritis. She offers advice and tools for others to dance with their challenges and take responsibility for co-creation of their challenges.

Watch Shivani's Video Interview


Shivani asks the question, “What can we create when we truly begin to love ourselves?” Based on research with over 500 women, Shivani hopes to empower others to love themselves and, in turn, improve the relationships around them.

Watch Gerry Gavin's Video Interview

Gerry Gavin

Gerry Gavin has been receiving messages from the angel Margaret for many years. He's compiled those messages into a book he published with Balboa Press in order to bring hope to the world. Gerry is now sharing those messages as a Hay House author.

Watch Nancy Levin's Video Interview

Nancy Levin

Nancy Levin, author, integrative coach and former event director for Hay House, has published two works of poetry with Balboa Press. Hear about her publishing experience and how she's helping others with her words in Writing for My Life ... Reclaiming the Lost Pieces of Me and Jump ... And Your Life Will Appear.