Balboa Press Editorial Standards

Balboa Press Editorial Standards

Balboa Press is committed to helping authors publish books with a positive slant that help people improve their lives and are conducive to healing planet Earth. Based on this mission, we have established these editorial standards for our titles.

We publish books that are related to the mind-body-spirit subject matter and that are in line with our core values: to help people improve their lives and the Earth. While we do specialize in self-help books, we publish a wide range of genres that adhere to these standards, including children's, photography, fiction, poetry, cookbooks and more.

We established these content standards because we want to have a positive impact on this planet. We want to publish books that help readers in their quests for emotional and spiritual well-being. We want our customers to be able to trust us. We want people to have confidence that our books are consistent in subject matter and message.

Works that do not conform to these standards, as well as the standards outlined in the author publishing agreement, will be rejected or cancelled by Balboa Press. 

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