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Author Video

AUD 8,299.00

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Feel the freedom to describe your book, your life and your work to readers in your own words with an Author Video. Filmed at the location of your choice*, this custom, professional video allows you to take your readers behind the scenes of your work. Give your audience a taste of what to expect from you when they read your book.

Sample Author Video

The Author Video includes:

  • Creation of a 90 to 120 second creative interview with you, the author
  • Formatting of your video for high-quality video and iPod downloads
  • Addition of your video to your book’s page in the Balboa Press book shop

Once your video is created and distributed you own the rights to it. We will provide you with a copy of the final video file so you can share the video with family and friends, and include it in additional marketing materials.

Alterations can be made to your video once it is finished. One round of revisions is included in this service at no additional cost. Additional rounds of revisions can be purchased for an additional fee. Acceptable changes include:

  • Word and font size revisions to the text
  • Changes and additions to book and author details
  • Adjustments to audio levels
  • Swapping or deleting still images

* Please Note: Your chosen filming location must be within two driving hours of Perth, Melbourne or Sydney. Filming at locations farther away will require additional fees.

Journey On .|. Author Video

Bring your readers into your life with an Author Video interview, and convey a new angle of your book to them. Call 1800 050 315 for more information or to purchase this service.


AUD 8,299.00

Call 1800 050 315