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Barnes and Noble See Inside the Book

For readers who may be considering buying your book, but can’t hold it in their hands at a book shop, Barnes & Noble See Inside the Book is the ideal tool for them. The See Inside the Book service allows readers to receive a limited preview of your book, usually the front and back covers, table of contents and first few pages. Using navigation tools, readers can scan all the preview pages online or enter a specific search term located within your text.

Benefits of Barnes & Noble See Inside the Book:

  • A Sneak Peek – Allow your readers to get an excellent preview of your book by allowing them inside the actual pages.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Readers who preview books before they buy them tend to have greater satisfaction with their purchase. Knowing what to expect when they receive your book also heightens the anticipation for the customer giving them a better user experience.
  • Discoverability for You – Customers who take a sneak peek of your book before they buy it are more likely to purchase your book based on the preview they see.

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Give your readers a sneak peek of what is in your book with the Barnes & Noble See Inside the Book service. Call 1800 050 315 for more information or to purchase this service.