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Premium Global Campaign

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Expand your marketing reach to an international audience!

You’ve written your book, but how are book buyers going to know about it? Your book deserves a powerful package of promotional tools that can get media interested. When the media covers your book subject, talks about your book or interviews you, the book-buying public will read or hear about it! And now, via the Premium Global Publicity Campaign, readers all over the world can find out about your book.

The industry leaders at Balboa Press have put together a fully integrated publicity Premium Global Publicity Campaign. Including a sophisticated blend of promotional services, the campaign is designed to boost your book’s profile and awareness on an international level in a series of carefully managed stages.  With 12 years experience and more than 900 book promotion campaigns completed, our book publicity team approaches multiple media outlets to secure maximum media exposure for books. During your 12-week campaign, your personal publicist lays the groundwork for your media coverage throughout the United States, Canada, and to English-language newspaper, magazine, radio, Internet and select television* outlets throughout the world.

How the Premium Global Campaign works:

  • You are assigned a personal publicist who creates press materials including a book release, which highlights your book with a newsworthy angle, and an interview release designed to secure radio and TV interviews.
  • Utilising an industry-leading database and a vast network of personal contacts developed over years, your personal publicist pitches and distributes press releases to targeted newspaper, magazine, radio, and select television* and Internet outlets across the United States and Canada, and English-language media around the globe.
  • Your personal publicist contacts selected “high priority” media outlets following up with each producer, editor and writer to encourage coverage of you and your book.
  • Your press release is sent to a select group of at least 5,000 outlets covering topics related to your book, plus to any media outlets that express interest.
  • Your personal publicist is supplied with 25 copies of your book at no charge to you for use in your global campaign. All postage expenses are also included in the fee for the campaign.
  • Throughout your 12-week campaign, you will receive weekly written updates reporting the types of media contacted, a list of media interested in you and your book, and pitching plans for the following week.

*Note: If you are traveling to another country outside of the United States for promotional activities, then international television outlets will be contacted.

Journey On | Premium Global Campaign

Gaining media attention is an essential part of any successful book marketing campaign, and with the Premium Global Publicity Campaign, you put your book marketing mission in the hands of a publicist with the experience to promote your book on an international stage. To learn more or to order this service, contact your marketing consultant at 1800 050 315.

On Social Media...

Developing a social media network is critical to establishing an ongoing method for communicating with your target audience. 

Benefits of establishing an online presence:

  • People will be able to easily find your sites when they search for you, your book or your book’s topic, since content on most of your sites can be indexed by search engines like Google and Yahoo!.
  • Social media increases your chances for “viral” impact by establishing your brand online, meaning readers can easily find and share information about your book.
  • Expands your reach through the integration of multiple sites to a new group of potential customers which could translate into more book sales.

AUD 20,699.00

Call 1800 050 315